Closing the ports are open!

If we look at some tutorials exploits in the forums always begins with the scanning of ports that will open on the victim machine .. because through one port that the attack will be sent ..
thinking in terms of the victim, of an attempt to minimize the attack, exploitation, backdooring, etc. by closing the entrance of it.

simple steps. use some tools such as nmap port scanning:
if nmap:


after looking the ports are open .. remember that the ports open which is usually because there is better service running on that port. select the port to be closed and use the netstat tool. Here I chose port 29 017 for my cap.

# netstat -lpn | grep 28017
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 1275/mongod

bagian grep bisa disesuaikan dengan port yang akan kita lihat.. jadi kalo port 443 tinggal “grep 433”.. kalo parameter “-lpn” silahkan baca “help” netstat atau ketikkan “man netstat” ..

oke perhatikan kita mendapatkan bagian ini dari perintah diatas “1275/mongod” itu adalah pid/service yg berjalan di port 28017.. ada PID dan Nama sevice nya…

kill 1275

and service to the port and the port will be closed off ..

that’s all I can say. thank you 🙂


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