Flowchart: Numbers ranks with Recursive

Recursive function calls itself directly or indirectly, and the callingprocess is called recursively

Case Example
34 = 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 81
AB = A x A x A x … as much as b

Typically it can be made with for, while, or do while, but now we willdiscuss with recursive. In this article, we will try to create a flowchartwith the Raptor application assistance.

Making procedure in the Raptor
Change in advance to the Intermediate mode

2. Next do the right-click on the tab main, then select  Add procedure 

3. The next dialog box will appear Procedure
Procedure name: The name of the procedure to be made
Parameters 1-6: This is a field for the variable parameters are required

Input check, if it serves as an input parameter.
Check the output, if the parameter is used for output.
4. In the example case, we will calculate the number of rank, then we use the fourth parameter consists of 3 inputs and 1 output
x: is used to input numbers that will be raised
y: input numbers are used to rank
z: save interim results which raised
result: displays the rank of x and y

5. If so, click OK to open a new tab. The next page will show the new procedure. In the example shown below does not seem to use Looping function, but at the bottom of the Call is used to call the function itself.
34 =
input x = 3
input y = 4
assignment z = 1
output result = z
The program runs:
x = 3
y = 4
z = 1 * 3
Call -> back to call the function from scratch with a new variable
x = 3
y = 3
z = 3 * 3
Call -> back to call the function from scratch with a new variable
and so on until y = 1
or that described by the table, to be as follows.

x y z results
3 4 1 –
3 3 3 –
3 2 9 –
3 1 81 81

6. Flowchart shapes.

7. Later in the Main tab we call the function by the name of the procedure (parameter). See the example following flowchart.

Visible on the Main tab takes input x and y from the keyboard and then call the procedure yangs been made earlier.


2 Responses to Flowchart: Numbers ranks with Recursive

  1. Crystal says:

    Can you PLEASE help me with my programming assignment?

    Create a Raptor Flowchart that calculates the amount a person would earn over a period of time if his or her salary were one penny the first day, two pennies the second day, and so on doubling each day.
    Your program should:
    1. Request the number of days.
    2. Display a table showing what the salary is for each day
    3. Display the total pay

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